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Applicate ver 0 solution
This is a guide to completing the applicate ver 0 game from japanese eyezmaze | Posted by Brent on May 30th 08 07:38 PM
Well this is an interesting puzzle indeed. In yet another game by the website Eyezmaze, we now have an interesting puzzle which is very difficult to solve. So far we have limited feedback from the community on it's possible solutions but we're going to be sure to keep you updated.

The name of the game is combining apples. Put two together and you have a walking apple my friends. Stack another apple on that walkin' one and you've got yourself an apple explosion that kills them both. Clicking on an apple fires it into the row that the white dotted bars on on, clicking a walking or normal apple will move them to that pile.

Eaten apples cannot be re-piled, but apples that are walking, will turn into regular apples again, one in the location you clicked on him and another on the highlighted column.

Get a single walking apple to the doorway on each level gets you to the next stage. Remember that apples always start walking right, until they walk into another apple or a wall.

Stage 1:
The introduction.
Click a random apple when the indicator is over an apple on the bottom platform, on the edge. Not the middle apple. Success!

Stage 2:
While this one is fairly easy, it still requires stacking which is a new concept.
After building a living apple, click on it one more time when the indicator returns to the original row it came from. This creates a new apple which you can restack limitelessly.
Stack apples on the green platform left of the bottom-most apple. Click any apples during this time.
Stack apples until you are even with the door then you can click on your first apple to
Use that apple to stack a column up so that the top apple is even with the door.
At this point you can use the original apple to make the top apple a walking one again, voila.

Stage 3:
Got speedy hands? You are going to need them. The indicator doesnt move, so you have to leave the work to the apples' legs.
Begin by clicking the bottom apple, the top apple should begin walking. As it approaches the pit, you should click the moving apple. You now have another walking apple which can walk over the hole.
After this apple drops off the ledge, click it after it is on the middle ledge to create a wall of sorts.
Repeat the process for the middle ledge below.
Click on the final moving apple when it hits the righthand ledge below this one. Tada!

Stage 4:
Stack-o-matic delux period

When your indicator is right of the door, click an apple (any apple, seriously). Use the falling apple to stack 'em like fruit rollups stackers. Now using the top apple that is above the platform should be the one you use for this.
Just as the indicator is over the stack click on the walking apple. Your apple should stop on the edge and drop another apple onto the rollups stackers. Any walkers that go lemmings (jump off the ledge) force you to click the 'restart' button.

Stage 5:
Useless apples.
There is a unique apple next to the door that is in the way, you should click any apple to make it land on that one to make it walk away, out of the way. Your stacking skills are still needed here so build a stack on the fourth platform from the right side of the door. There should be two used apples and one good one left. A moving apple should fall into the final pit and click on it when the indicator is above the stack.
Shazam, Applicate ver.0 just got pwnt!

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Give them your best shot then throw in the towel when you've had enough and stop by for the walkthroughs and cheats for each of the games.

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