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Dwarf Complete Solution v1
Dwarf Complete Cheats v1 | Posted by David P. on Oct 05th 07 05:20 AM
This is the complete solution for Dwarf Complete v1, thanks to TheUltimate1.

Open up Dwarf Complete in another window, and use this guide now.

1. Pick up the item below the arrow, and head through the south door.

2. Pick up both items in any order. Oh noes, you're trapped. Look for an area where the shadows are missing to the bottom right of the room, walk through the hole in the wall. Go through the west door.

3. Be careful, walk to the north immediately after entering the room, then approach the item from the north or you will fall.

4. If you already fell, walk back up the stairs.

5. Walk to the bottom right corner of this room, and fall through the hole. Fetch the item. Walk back upstairs.

6. Go to the right hand north exit.

7. Your first puzzle! Walk onto the button for the order of the buttons for the next room. Leave the room to the south, then go to the left hand northern door.

8. Using the order on the right side of the screen walk over the buttons in order from one to eight.

9. Walk to the north lock and click the key in your inventory to unlock it.

10. Cross the bridge, get the item, then return across the bridge and go left.

11. Unlock the chest with your key and obtain the Sack.

12. Leave the room to the right, head south through the puzzle room, fall into a hole from the middle of the room.

13. Unlock the lock to the northwest and the chest. Head back upstairs with your stick.

14. Go right and open the lock to the south on the right.

15. Grab the two items, return from the room.

16. Go right, unlock the door on the bottom right. Go right again.

17. Find the hole in the wall towards the bottom and enter, grab the two items. Exit the maze and head north.

18. Step onto the trigger block and break the bricks below each of the items and the chest. Collect your items, open the chest with your key, then return to the maze room to the south.

19. Exit this room to the door on the left and go downstairs. Approach the book and click the red button. Thanks to your l33t skillz you can obtain the magnet for future use. Go upstairs, then to the right.

20. Head back into the hidden section of the wall in the maze room, and head south.

21. Enter the ice rink from the third slot from the left on the top. Press down and then left three times over for item one.

22. Go to the third slot on the bottom, face the ice rink but do not enter it. Press your newly obtained magnet button. Go to the second slot on the bottom, go north into the block. Press up, then right, then down, then right, then up. Enter the northern left door of the room, pick up the item, and go back. Exit to the north.

23. Exit through the invisible wall again, go north. Walk up to the metal block on the top right of the screen and use your magnet. Enter the room, check out the room to see it, you will be working with this room in the next few steps.

24. Exit the room, enter the room on the top left. Grab the item behind the torch, then go left.

25. Get the item not on a block, then enter the door on the right. Press the button once to elevate the cannon in the room we were talking about on step 23. Exit the room.

26. Leave this room to the right entering the single torch room, then go south. Enter the door next to you the north middle door and click this button twice. Exit the room and return to the room on the top right.

27. The cannon should be facing west (left) and be aimed upward. If it is not, the elevation is in the room past the torch and the rotation is in the top middle room.

28. Fire the cannon once, this will break the item on the block we couldn't reach earlier. Return to the top middle room, and click the button once more. This time making the cannon face north. Return to the cannon room.

29. Fire it once, get the moon. Leave the room, fire it again, Leave the room.

30. Enter the North Left room again passing through the single torch room. Pick up the item we just fired the cannon at. Head north!

31. Facing the metal wall, use your magnet. COllect the two items then leave to the door at the south. Go south then go into the north right hallway.

32. Carefully walk the block on the left into the hole. Now VERY carefully walk this block onto the spot where the cannon shot last time. Do not over
push! Return to the cannon room, fire another shot, then come back and collect the treasure.

33. Enter the top left room, open the chest for a bone. Exit the room, then exit to the bottom left. Use the cloud to transport yourself to the room of almighty knowledge. Use the book, then turn the page and click the red button for your pick-axe.

34. We now need to traverse every room looking for piles of dirt that we can pickaxe. Walk upstairs, go right, then north, then enter the north left door, and head into the room we were firing cannons into. Go into the middle door, it has a dirt pile with a moon peice. Return to the cloud and walk upstairs

35. Go left twice, then to the north right room for another dirt pile and moon peice. Exit this room, and head far left for your dream come true.

36. Dig to the item, then the treasure chest, and finally to the north from the chest for a moon peice. After that dig south to the exit.

37. Oh &%#$. Speed is key here. Read the next steps through entirely. Our goal is to hit three buttons that drop blocks in the way of a bullet on its way to hitting the west wall.

38. Push Grey Block South.

39. Go left, dig through sand.

40. Use magnet for block north of you.

41. Dig to blue button.

42. Use magnet on block by red button.

43. Dig to right button, hit it.

44. Run right, pull block and hit the purple button.

46. Pickaxe to the bottom left corner and pickup your item, open the chest, and hit the green button. Return to the north room of dirt piles, turn right and head over to the room with the four rooms in the corners and go downstairs to the room of infinite knowledge (book room). Page over and get the candle.

47. Return to the rush-race puzzle room. Go right across the green block that you opened earlier with the green button and pickaxe into a dark room, light the torch with your candle.

48. Use the magnet to pull yourself across the gap. Use the block to fill in the hole to get back across

49. Head north, then right twice to the maze room. Go through the hidden door, and enter the ice room. Use the bottom left exit and light the torch once you enter.

50. Make your way to the item in the middle of the room. Carefully. Then use the cloud on the top left to get the item from the top left room of the four rooms. Head left, then down.

51. Head down the hallway, then to the right. Walk down the stairs. Grab the item in the dirt piles. Go left, if you dare.

52. Walk to the spot below the hole on the left. Pull the block down to you with your magnet. Go upstairs, then go left, then go to the next stairs. Pull the block into the hole. Follow the stairs to the north, and keep following the next stairwell until you reach an item. Pick it up. Exit to the stairs on the bottom right.

53. Pull the block then push it into the corner. Go back, then head to the northern stairs. Make your way back through that mess until you can see that block you just placed and can move it north.

54. Return to the place where you got the item, and moved the block into the corner. Look for a hole in the ground to fall into. Use your pickaxe on the dirt pile to get a moon peice.

55. Pull the block away from the wall, then push it into the hole on the left. Go up the stairs right next to this, and walk onto the block that you pushed into the hole. Go right into the stairs and continue along until you reach the two blocks next to each other.

56. Use your magnet to pull a block into the hole. Then use your magnet again to pull the second block atop the first one. You're screwed now you just wasted an hour playing a game and I just messed you up. Just kidding. Continue...

57. Walk left and pull the block over into the hole. Make your way backwards until you reach that place, then walk across it. Follow the path to the prize, a map!

58. Go back down the stairs into the vortex on the right. Grab the item then smash the bottom dirt pile for another teleport. Go upstairs, and then up and back to the beginning of the game.

59. Smash the up and down keys, hit the button head down stairs, magnet the block get the item, go back upstairs. Head back where we teleported off the island from (E3 on the maps ladys and gentlemen) by going downstairs after going down twice.

60. Walk up the path to the room you probably walked into earlier. Grab the item if you haven't already. Light the torch. Return out of the caverns, back upstairs, out of that pathway. Then right, up, left, left. Your goal is to be in where we fired our cannon west to hit the block. B3 on the map. Hit the stairs.

61. Light the torch, leave, go north. Hit the button to flood the river. Go south, burn the tree down with the candle. Grab the item, hit the button to the south, then cross the bridge. Break the far left dirt pile to the north and fall in a hole. Light the candle. Button to the bridge, to the stairs. Cross both bridges.

62. Head north and west, grab your item, smash the middle dirt pile then fly away on a cloud. Light the candle, hit the cloud again, and you've made your way back where you can find an item in a tree. Go back to the bridges, cross them then go downstairs and get the key. Go back upstairs!

63. Ride the cloud to the right, go upstairs, open the lock. Get the moon peice out of the dirt, then head left and open that door to the south. Head north, then get back to the area where we flooded the rivers. A2. Enter the train tracks. Change the intersections to make your way to get the items. If you complete it you get to a button to unlock more bridges.

64. Go to c1 on the map. Unlock both doors, then mine the dirt piles. After that pull the block to the north, up and around the boxy enclosure, into the teleporter on the right. Then push teh peice into the slot to the right and walk into the room to the right, grabbin a moon peice. Mine the two dirt piles in the room to the left, then hit the cloud to get back outside. Go right over to B3.

65. Walk into the box near where we fell earlier to light torches. Move the block in front of the index finger of the fist. Go into the mouth of the building.

66. Go North West, into stairs, then south east by the windows, then north into the stairwell to the top. Hit the button.

67. Bam! Now head back to the beginning. Complete! Burn the green to the right of the structure. Magnetize across the bridge, and collect your items!

68. Game Clear! Now for the real ending. Head to the room of infinite knowledge again in D3's downstairs, get teh crystal with your multitude of Moons, then go to C4. Sick!

Thanks to TheUltimate1 for this article.

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