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Tribes 2 retail v25034 patch
| Posted by jonchappell on Aug 21st 05 05:04 PM

TRIBES 2 by Dynamix - retail v25034 full patch

The patch includes fixes such as...

-Fixed AMD Win32 Dual CPU timing bug
-Added $pref::useHighPerformanceCounter to enable usage of the
-QueryPerformanceCounter code
-Added gravity to demo recordings
-Fixed CPU control state in a couple more places for deterministic simulation
-Merged many script fixes

And more...

CHANGES in v25026:

The Tribes 2 Re-release Update will introduce several new changes to the game.
Sierra has been working hard with GarageGames, our top Tribes 2 community
developers, and thousands of beta testers to make this happen, and we're very
excited to be releasing these updates to the community very soon!

The Tribes 2 Re-release Update will be a required download for existing users.
New users will be able to buy a newly remastered version of the game in jewel
case on or around October 4th.


* Team repair message spam fix
* Fixed static shape crediting bug in CTF
* Added script hooks for death types
* Added crew name position for other players on vehicle
* Fixed adminlist bugs
* Fixed periodic camera jerks
* Added export/import named selections to Mission Editor
* Fixed bug where vehicle station was saving in mission improperly
* Added MissionCleanup to the mission group in the mission editor for viewing
dynamic objects
* Fixed underwater color bug
* Object builder now drops objects correctly in the world
* Flags no longer stick to mission area boundaries
* Deploy object check better for organics
* Hard editor bind to F11 removed
* Players no longer damaged by destroyed vehicles (thanks script folks!)
* NetConnection now reports netgraph properly when simulated ping and packet
loss are set
* Terraformer bitmap export working properly
* Options dialog no longer has News or Forums load screen selections
* Fixed bug where players would stop receiving updates from server
* Triggers now export properly
* Fixed up selection sync'ing between object list and world editor view
* Added delete group ability
* Changed netConnection's update to reflect old method of packet send timing
* Tweaked the ELF back up a bit
* Fix for telnetConsole crash
* Fix to get time console function
* Fixed state for math copro during update loops for proper object synch

Team Rabbit 2 (TR2)

The update package includes two new game types commissioned by Sierra and
created by members of the Tribes 2 community. Team Rabbit 2 (TR2), created by
Michael "KineticPoet" Johnston and Codality, Inc., adds a new twist to Tribes 2
game play by focusing on acrobatic maneuvers and sports-style action.

Tribes 2 Classic

Tribes 2 Classic, created by Ralph "ZOD" DeMicco, Paul "z0dd" Paella and nearly
a dozen additional contributors, brings increased speed and intensity to the
Tribes 2 game, with the majority of the changes revolving around creating a
faster and more exciting game play experience.

Mission Editing Tools

The Torque Game Engine mission editor has been back-ported to Tribes 2. The new
editor offers numerous interface enhancements and improved functionality. For
more information on how to use the new mission editor, press <F1> in the
editor. The Interior inspect apply has been fixed to properly update position
and scale of interiors.

Gameplay-related Fixes

* Flag hovering over friendly players fixed (z & Z)
* Fixed lingering repair projectile
* Incorrect image datablock parameter value fixed for ELFBarrelLarge (z & Z)
* Fixed FPS slowdown from multiple damage/flash overlays
* <NULL> string bug fixed
* Tank lightning kill UE fixed
* Disc spread removed, discs now fire to center of reticle
* ELF has been significantly nerfed
* Trigger delay on weapon fire gone
* Players and vehicles should no longer get randomly yanked around during
play (net hitches)
* ELF projectile now properly removed when target is destroyed (z & Z)
* Added QueryPerformanceCounter high resolution timer to fix FPS slowdown bug
* Fixed console spam in CTF games (z & Z)
* Fixed objective HUD updating in CTF (z & Z)
* Fixed deploy objects inside other shapes exploit (z & Z)
* Mines are now checked for mission ban list in inventory (z & Z)
* Turret owner now properly reset on client drop or team change (z & Z)
* Vehicle reticle disappearance bug fixed (z & Z)
* Multiple station bugs fixed (z & Z)
* Fixed missing ammo globals (z & Z)
* Fixed unlimited grenade exploit (z & Z)
* Fixed satchel charge pack bug (z & Z)
* Fixed incorrect image datablock parameters in turrets and bomber (z & Z)

Scripting-related Fixes and Additions

* Added package script fix for Parent chaining on package deactivate (z & Z)
* Added formatTimeString() script command (Thanks Bryan Ross!)
* Fixed controlDefaults trigger bugs (thanks z0dd!)
* Fixed message.cs to allow clients to do ~w voice binds
* setGravity() and getGravity() functions for setting gravity from script
* Added noFrictionOnSki parameter to player datablock for T1-like skiing
* Moved the execution call to message.cs to an earlier spot in console_end.cs
for scriptors (z & Z)

Admin-related Fixes

* Added script notification when a telnet client is added (z & Z)
* Fixed remote eval security hole in admin.cs
* SAD, Admin and Super Admin lists now export (z & Z)
* Tourney mode team pick bug fixed (z & Z)

T2TV-related Fixes

* Fix for T2TV shared read/write
* Fixed zipSubStream to properly write out final blocks on demo streams (for

Misc. Changes and Fixes

* News and Forums shell pages removed
* Added GG splash screen logo
* IRC client crash UE fixed (with improper tags)
* Minor Radeon init fix

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