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Unreal II v1403 patch
| Posted by jonchappell on Aug 21st 05 01:25 AM

Unreal II 2001 Patch - Changes for v1403

Crash Fixes

- Updated DefOpenAL32.dll which should fix EAX-related PlaySound crashes.
- Fixed VerifyImport crash (occurred when level changed after game settings
- Fix for IKey assertion (crash) due to "special" keys on some keyboards (e.g.
internet enabled keyboards).
- Fixed crash if some items used after they've been destroyed (fixes crash in
MM_Marsh if player destroys force field as squad leader tries to disable it for
- Additional fix for decolayer density change for Sulferon Assault (and other
maps with corrupt terrain info's).
- Possible fix for DirectMusic-related "GetEventTool" crashes.
- Fixed bug report system sometimes crashing or silently failing due to long
- Fixed GetOggDuration crash if –nosound used.
- Fix for sound-related crash when exiting some levels with DirectX 9.


- 10% improvement in golem mesh rendering performance.
- Fixed unnecessary particle lighting overhead problem.
- For performance reasons, most carcasses are cleaned up more quickly now.
- For performance reasons (mainly in marsh) dropped energy rifles are cleaned
up after 10 seconds.
- M08B: improved performance by making sure generator rotating movers only
rotate when they are visible.
- MM_Marsh: added field generator and turret to PreCacheList to avoid hitches
when these appear.
- M12: fixed particle overhead.
- Added new code/changes to limit overhead due to ragdoll deaths (see "Advanced
Tips for Improving Performance" in the readme for details).

Misc Fixes

- Sound fixes. Should reduce occurrences of sound "stuttering" that some people
have had due to sound overload / thrashing.
- Fixed player dodge speed and height. Can be modified via user.ini settings
(see DodgeXYVelocityScale and DodgeJumpZScale in the [U2Pawn] section).
- M03A1: gave ammo to merc with grenade launcher.
- M08B: lowered carcasses, blood to floor.
- M09E: fix for 2 fems staying "inert" if the fem with the RL is killed before
being triggered.
- Fixed damage warnings (accessed nones) along with fix for damage effects
(blood) being spawned so far inside character's mesh that it doesn't show up
(currently only affects mukhoggs).
- Sunlight fix (flickering in waterfront and potentially other places).
- MM_Waterfront: fall out of world fix.
- M12: fixed sun disappearing in opening cutscene with ParticleDensity=0. Also
CS_Outro, PA_Acheron, PD_Acheron.
- Display gamma/brightness/contrast values when changed via F10/F11/F12 keys.
- Fix for inert skaarj lying prone on bank in M08B (skaarj will now react to
hearing the player even if player bypasses trigger).
- Fix for "Joe's" script breaking in M10_Avalon in some cases.
- Fixed changing actor detail level in-game could result in invisible NPCs (in
- Made key bindings delete button more obvious (click on this to delete key
- Fix from Jason Yu for bots sometimes not respawning after being killed in
- Added files needed to fix umod support. The umod registry settings will also
need to be modified for Unreal II umods to work. We're working on making a
separate downloadable installer for this but in the meantime, people who
installed the game in the default folder can click on the .reg file in
- Increased crawling spider damage by 3x.
- Fixed rammers not attacking properly.
- Fix for Golem references being lost resulting in "invisible" NPCs if game
saved/loaded prior to spawning in NPCs which use a mesh which is no longer in
the level.
- Fixed music not playing issue with some levels.

Misc Changes

- Added carcass cleanup particle effect.
- Added support for modifying player movement speed via Unreal2.ini setting
(for the duration of the game). For example, to increase the player's movement
speed by 50% set PlayerSpeedRatio=1.5 in the [U2GameInfo] section.
- M08B: fixed trigger that player could avoid.
- Added 70 and 72 Hz to refresh rates options.
- Support for scaling the hud / ui to better support multiple monitor setups.
This can now be controlled via the ScaleX, ScaleY, OffsetX, OffsetY properties
in the [UI.UIConsole] section in Unreal2.ini. For example, use ScaleX=0.333 and
OffsetX=0.333 for three screen support.
- Added "mouse over" context information for the EAX check box. Warns against
enabling EAX on non-Audigy / Audigy 2 cards and warns about possible
performance issues.


- Mod authors can once again enable script warnings / errors by setting
bDisableErrorMessages=false (by default all script warnings / errors are
silent). These were completely disabled for RC7 with the intent of re-enabling
these for the patch. Note that you have to enable the
Component=Console.MessageArea line in UIScripts\UI.ui (remove the ";") to see
debug messages in-game.


- Fix for not being able to paint on terrain in editor.
- Fix for terrain build crash if no terrain map in level.
- Fixed editor "first run" (UnrealEd.ini added to system folder).
- Fixed WBrowserStaticMesh::UpdateMenu crash.
- Fixed crash if you clicked on delete in the decolayer terrain tool, without a
decolayer actually being selected.

Testing / Stats

- Improved in-game profiling support / logging.
- Improved in-game stats. Added "stat lock".


- Added Mike Lambert to in-game credits.

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